Kraft Ribbed Paper

Pure kraft paper is a strong, high performance wrapping paper, manufactured from sustainable sources.

This makes it ideal for medium and heavy-duty packing tasks where high burst strength is required for lining or wrapping box contents.

Available in a variety of sheet and roll sizes, in 70 or 88 gsm.

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Mg Pure Kraft 750mm 70Gsm
Mg Pure Kraft 750mm 88Gsm
Mg Pure Kraft 900mm 70Gsm
Mg Pure Kraft 900mm 88Gsm
Pure Kraft Paper 88Gsm 700mm
Pure Kraft Paper 70Gsm 900mm
Pure Kraft Paper 88Gsm 1150mm
Mg Pure Kraft 1150mm 70Gsm
Mg Pure Kraft 500mm 70Gsm
Mg Pure Kraft 600mm 88Gsm
Mg Pure Kraft 1150mm 88Gsm
Mg Pure Kraft1500mm 88Gsm
Mg Pure Kraft 600mm 70Gsm
Mg Pure Kraft 500mm 88Gsm
Pure Kraft Paper 70Gsm 700mm
Pure Kraft Paper 88Gsm 900mm
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