Shrink Wrap Pallet Covers

Shrink wrap pallet covers provide protective cover from wet weather, dirt and dust in transit and storage, while the transparent polythene construction enables easy identification of the contents.

To use, simply place the pallet cover over the pallet, which acts as a bag. Use a heat shrink film gun to shrink the cover to a tight fit for the pallet and contents.

Super heavy-duty shrink film pallet covers are supplied on a roll as gusseted sacks and perforated for easy removal from the roll.

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STD p-covers 1250x2100x1700mm
1275mm Shrink Pallet Cover Opens To
STD p-covers1275x2350x1800mm
STD p-covers1275x2350x2100mm
STD p-covers1400x2600x1900mm
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