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Protecting the products or items that you send out and distribute is all important.

Any damage incurred during transit will reflect badly on you – which is really frustrating when it’s not your fault. That’s naturally something companies should look to avoid.

To help prevent this unwanted scenario, Macfarlane Packaging has a wide selection of protective bubble wrap bags to provide that extra layer of safety and security.

The range of protective bubble wrap bags we have come with easy and secure ‘peel and seal’ closure strips. That means the contents of your bag can be fully protected, while still being easy to access once they reach their destination point.

These protective bags contain the sealed air AirCap® retention barrier. This helps ensure long term cushioning performance and the protection of items during transit.

Our range contains bubble wrap bags of different dimensions, allowing for you to get hold of exactly the right protective bubble wrap bags for your requirements.

We also offer anti-static bubble wrap bags in a variety of sizes. These do not produce electrostatic charges, helping to protect items such as electrical products from the harmful effects of static. This type of bag is pink in colour to help differentiate it from other AirCap products.

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Standard Bubble Bag 100X135mm
Standard Bubble Bag 130X185mm
Standard Bubble Bag 180X235mm
Standard Bubble Bag 230X285mm
Standard Bubble Bag 280X360mm
Standard Bubble Bag 305X435mm
Standard Bubble Bag 380X435mm
Anti-Static Bubble Bags ASBB1
Anti-Static Bubble Bags ASBB3
Anti-Static Bubblebags ASBB4
Anti-Static Bubble Bags ASBB6
Anti-Static Bubble Bags ASBB7
Anti-Static Bubble Bag 900X900mm
Anti-Static Bubblebags ASBB5
Antistat Bubble Bag ASBB2
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