Bubble Mask

BubbleMask™ is self-adhesive bubble masking for surface protection, ensuring quick and easy application. Superior abrasion resistance for critical surfaces:

with BubbleMask™ you have all the protection of conventional masking, plus the proven performance of AirCap® bubble Saves time and money: easy application, no need for expensive fixings and tapes.

It is easily removed and re-used, with further savings in labour and materials Ideal for superior surface protection: office furniture, kitchen/ bathroom fittings, home appliances, sheet glass, marine equipment, vehicle body panels, televisions and computers monitors

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Bubblemask Small Bubble 300mmx100m
Bubblemask Small Bubble 500mmx100m
Bubblemask Small Bubble 750mmx100m
Bubblemask Small Bubble 1500mmx100m

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