Bubble Wrap Rolls

Shipping orders that contain fragile items such as glassware and ceramics can be stressful. However, with effective protective packaging solutions, retailers can ensure their fragile goods arrive to the recipient in the intended condition. Make shipping delicate items a hassle free process and reduce damaged goods and returns by choosing bubble wrap rolls from Macfarlane Packaging.

Our range of bubble wrap rolls means retailers can effectively wrap and protect a wide range of products including jewellery, glassware, ceramics, homewares, objet d’art and so much more. We offer two kinds of bubble wrap rolls to choose from: standard duty bubble wrap and anti-static bubble wrap.

Bubble wrap can be used in multiple ways to provide your goods with the ultimate level of protection. Pad out loose spaces inside a box, cushion into corners or wrap around the outside of an object for effective protection.

Our bubble wrap rolls are sourced from Sealed Air. Each roll of bubble wrap features sealed AirCap® retention barriers, offering long term cushioning performance. Not only that, but they are completely reusable and recyclable, making them environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Did you know that different bubble sizes offer varying grades of protection? If you want to add a little bit of extra padding and protection to your ecommerce box, small bubble wrap rolls make an ideal solution. However, for retailers shipping something extremely delicate or a larger item that requires double layers of bubble wrap, our larger bubble wrap rolls are an economical choice. Please note a range of bubble wrap roll lengths are available, helping you to stretch the costs of protective packaging whilst having enough bubble wrap to keep up with the demand of orders.

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Standard Smallbubble 300mmx200m EL
Standard Smallbubble 600mmx200m EL
Standard Smallbubble 750mmx200m EL
Standard Smallbubble 1200mmx200m EL
Standard Smallbubble 1500mmx200m EL
HL Large Bubble 5X300X50m
HL Large Bubble 3X500X50m
HL Large Bubble 2X750X50m
HL Large Bubble 1500X50m
Aircap Xl Bubble Wrap 300mmx50m DL
Aircap Xl Bubble Wrap 500mmx50m DL
Aircap Xl Bubble Wrap 750mmx50m DL
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