Machine Applied Stretch Film

Machine applied stretch films are extremely strong and versatile, saving time, resources and packaging materials for high performance applications requiring higher tensile strengths.

These films have excellent puncture resistance, good cling, slip and load retention.

Cast stretch wrap films provide a smooth surface with excellent clarity, gloss, strength and cling, without additives. Machine-applied stretch films are suitable for use on power pre-machines up to 250% stretch.

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CAST FILM 500mm x 2800M EX LIGHT 250%
500mm Power Pre Cast Stretch L/Duty
500mm Power Pre Cast M/Duty Stretch
Cast Film 500mm x 1700m MEDIUM
500mm Power Pre Cast Stretch H/Duty
Cast Film 500mm x 1500m HEAVY
Clear Cast 500mm x 1100m S/HEAVY
Cast Film 500mm x 1100m SHEAVY
500mm Black Cast Stretch H/Duty
Cast Film 500mm x 2000m LIGHT
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