Filament Tapes

This extremely strong adhesive tape is reinforced with glass fibre filaments either down the length of the tape (single weave) or across and down the tape (cross weave).

A popular solution for bundling bulky items and sealing or reinforcing heavy boxes, reinforced filament tape is also a widespread choice for packing in the steel industry as a replacement for steel and polypropylene strapping.

A packing knife or scissors is required to cut reinforced filament tape, offering tamper-evident qualities, as any cut will be easily noticed.

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Single Weave Tape 25mm x 50m
50mmx50m Single Weave Filament Tape
Cross Weave Tape 19mm x 50m
Crossweave Tape 24mm x 50m
48mmx50m Cross Weave Filament Tape
74mmx50m Cross Weave Filament Tape
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